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(posted on 21 Aug 2014)

I've completed my month long stint at the Coast Harbourside, on Victoria's harbour, at the end of July. It most enjyable and productive. I sold 9 paintings, painted some new ones (sample below), and had some great social interactions with buyers and art lovers.

(posted on 21 Aug 2014)

I've uploaded a bunch of images of new paintings and created a new gallery "Harbour scenes" for many of them. That seems to be a recurring theme at the moment.

(posted on 21 Aug 2014)

Oh yes, I had a fun surprise earlier this year - Janet Etter tipped me to paint at Point Hope Maritime during Harbour Festival Saturday. Its an awesome place with spectacular subject matter. I started 'Pilot Boat at Point Hope Maritime there, and worked up a picture of Uchuck III from a photo I took while there. Very hospitable place, with a band and catering from Fol Epi - yum yum!

(posted on 12 Mar 2014)

The Arrival

My picture "The Arrival" has been juried in to this show, which runs from Mar 12-23rd at the Coast Collective Art Centre art gallery.

Its a bit of a departure for me as it mixes geometric and organic froms and has an overall cool cast refelcting its winter setting.

I worked on 3 other Victoria Harbour scenes but didn't finish them off enough to submit. Masts and rigging are tricky! More to come on those.

(posted on 4 Dec 2013)

Nice surprise when I went to pick up my two show paintings; "Turbo Otter at rest: had sold. So I picked up one painting, a cheque, and a rosette!

(posted on 5 Nov 2013)

I have manged to upload pictures of my two paintigs juried in. They were taken at the gallery, rather than in controlled studio conditions (my bad), hence Golden Hour Boats has some patchy lighting as a result.

(posted on 31 Oct 2013)

I manged to sell 5 paintings from this show; one painting - Golden Hour Boats - I could have sold multiple times.

Thanks everybody!

I decide to scale up two images from my Septemeber Richard Blanshard Building Show and try them as entries for the Fall VCA Victoria show. As I didn't get juried in to their summer show (sob) I decided I needed something more striking this time (snide note: one of the rejected pictures did sell at RBB show).

I scaled up from 16x20" to 24X30" for Golden Hour Boats and Turbo Otter at Rest. Golden Hour Boats 16X20 had sold, so I just enlarged the original composition, kept same colours etc. Turbo Otter at rest needed more precision than the unsold original, I tweaked the colour scheme to better capture the late afternoon sun atmosphere and better delineate the featured plane from the background.

One last minute hitch made me very twitchy, however: on checking the submission standards I found that maximum dimension allowed was 30" including frame. Seeing as I'd painted the Turbo Otter at Rest on a standard canvas (not deep) it needed a frame. Not possible. So I bought a 24X30 deep canvas (allowed) and switched supports between the blank canvas and the painting. I effected that the morning of painting drop off for jurying - not good for the nerves! Check carefully next time, Mike!

Anyway, both paintings have been juried in, with Turbo Otter at Rest being awarded 3rd prize! Hurray! I wonder what the prize is? A rosette, certificate, 2 weeks in Hawaii, or what?

(posted on 23 Sep 2013)

I've uploaded images of my Richard Blanshard Building show (except for the one I inadvertently deleted - must replace). The gallery notes have a disclaimer about the quality of the images. I've yet to add the appropriate verbiage but at least I managed to upload the pics - the bulk upload feature of this site worked well.

(posted on 23 Sep 2013)

Finally did a major upload, even priced pics. Come on down!

I also added a gallery to document artist in residence session at Coast Harbourside Hotel as part of Victoria Artishow 2013.

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